Kinetic Vistas by Art Siegel | About
Design and Photography by Art Siegel

Art Siegel began his career in Public Television, creating scenery and lighting for dramatic productions. He was also Production Manager on the Mr. Rogers program for several years. He now serves on several non-profit boards and committees.

"In television, scenery provides a convincing context for the action. The audience must feel that the action is occurring in a real place. Whether that reality is inside a doctor's office, in front of a fantasy castle, or in John Adams' period home, everything that appears on the screen must serve as credible context for the story. A fine artwork benefits from that same sense of context."

After a long subsequent career in marketing and advertising, Siegel continues this same philosophy in creating his Kinetic Vistas (R) artworks. All of his major pieces integrate two elements. First are the photographs, each presenting groups of people moving and interacting, usually in a big-city setting such as New York or Milan or Boston. He approaches these images as a photojournalist, capturing spontaneous scenes of active metropolitan life. We don't know the characters in these scenes, yet we sense the story that is being told by their expressions and body language.

Drawing upon his television scenery background, Siegel integrates physical architectural elements into each work - hand crafted to create a realistic setting for the photography. A panoramic scene inside a subway station contains simulated iron girders and textured platforms. A view of people in the Musee D'Orsay is surrounded by architectural elements evoking the museum's roots as an 1890's Paris railway station. Some of his newest pieces employ multiple layered photographs to convey a 3D sense of actually being there; as the viewer moves her head, additional elements are revealed. Some pieces include video elements for still greater viewer involvement.